CASETiFY Clear Impact Case for iPhone XS

The iPhone XS is the twelfth-generation flagships of the iPhone, succeeding the iPhone X. Even though it is identical to its predecessor it has numerous upgrades in its design. It features an A12 Bionic chip built with a 7 nanometer processor. The iPhone XS also has faster modems compared to the iPhone X as the new modem is capable of supporting gigabyte LTE.
The water resistance and durability has also improved in the iPhone XS as the previous model had an IP67 dust and water resistance rating but the latest model hones a rating of IP68 which makes it the most durable iPhone yet. Even though these phones can survive the occasional water spilling or the times you drop your phone from your work station, you still can’t leave a $1000 phone unprotected.
That is why we look to the company CASETiFY which introduced their Clear Case for iPhone XS. The company has been around for seven years introducing a lot of different electronic accessories. The brand recently reinvented itself and now produces eye-catching phone cases that provide all the protection your phone could need.
• Pros
CASTiFY claims that the Clear Impact Case is the world’s slimmest, most protective phone case at 10.5 mm thick. The military grade protective case is engineered with a two-layer construction of qitech material. CASTiFY claims that with this case on your phones, your phone is 6.6 foot drop-test approved. The case has a high gloss finish which means you don’t have to compromise in style. The case is scratch resistant and your front screen is protected by edged out bezel on all four sides. The case has a flash absorbant ring around your back camera which also doubles up as a camera guard. The CASTiFY Impact Case also supports wireless charging so you never have to take your cover off and treating it like your iPhone’s skin in every situation. It has cut outs in the case for the power and volume buttons making it easy to use and you do not have to compromise on your functionality.
• Cons
The case is not exactly cheap and in this price range the competitors in the market provide bumper cases which provide extreme protection against all scenarios.

The CASTiFY Impact Case for iPhone XS is available at a price of $45.00 USD.

This case is available in three different colors. It is available in black, frost and baby pink.

Our Verdict
Look no further as we have found the perfect phone case for everyday use. The phone provides ample protection from your daily wear and tear and maintains the sleek beautiful design of the iPhone XS. The case adds beauty to it with it’s own expressive designs and this has made it our own personal favorite. If you’re going to get a phone that costs $1000 then you should get the CASTiFY Impact $45 phone cover that satisfies all your needs.