CASETiFY Marble Case for iPhone X Review

iPhone revolutionized the mobile phone industry. The iPhone has the same importance in the mobile phone industry what Adam has in the Creationism. Consequently, iPhone became a leading brand. Tech-nerds and celebrities love buying and displaying their iPhones to the world and to their fans. One such name among a long list of iPhones is iPhone X.

iPhone X is one of the most imperative phones out right now. Its touch screen is flawless and all commands are executed in microseconds, thus making it the fastest phone. Supporting a high-speed internet makes it the most expensive phone. For $1000 plus, it is the money well spent. Unlike other phones, iPhone X does not hang up or crash. In addition, it is a virus-free phone because iOS is based on Linux. For this kind of phone, the buyer better buys a phone that is equally impressive that not only protects the phone but also adds a flare to it.

What makes CASETiFy’s Marble Case different from so many other cases is that it comes with a sim card removal pin and a slot to place your extra sim card. Whether you are travelling or just a user with two sim cards, CASETiFY’s Marble Case got you covered. If you need to remove your sim card, you do not need to look for a phone retailer and asks for service. Simply remove your phone, take out the sim removal pin, remove the tray, exchange the sim card, and restart your phone. Voila!

CASETiFY’s Marble Case is quite impressive. It gives a look of a mini notebook with a marble print on the outside, which makes it a unique phone case. It would be hard for people not to notice it. People will stop and inquire about its price and feel. Also, it is quite durable that protects a $1000 investment from all sides, that is, front, back, and all corners that are susceptible to physical damage.

CASETiFY’s Marble Case is not cheap as compared to its competitors. At $60, it is quite a purchase. But, for its looks and what it protects, the expensive Marble Case is worth coughing out $60. Even though the high price might seem like a disadvantage, but it is not. The Marble case also heats up when putting on wireless charging.

The Marble case is available in five different colors. It’s available in White Marble, Purple Marble, Pink Marble, Blue/Grey Marble and Black/Blue

CASETiFY’s Marble Case is one of the best cases out in the market that, on one hand, protects the phone and, on the other hand, provides a stylish look. Overall, it is one of the best covers for the iPhone X series and it is a must buy for people who want to be trendsetters and want everyone to look at their eye catching cover.