Griffin Survivor All-Terrain Case for The iPhone X

Apple became the first trillion dollar company in 2018 which was the obvious result of their extraordinary electronic products and this feat came right after the successful sales of the iPhone X which was titled the game changer for Apple and the mobile industry. Due to this even the app world is changing as all the major game developing companies are beta testing their apps on iOS 11 which makes apps run smooth on the Apple iPhone X. The Apple iPhone X was also the most expensive phone to be launched by Apple in all their years of phone making. With a phone that costs $1000 USD it has become essential to have a phone cover that keeps your investment safe in all ventures of life. For our mobile phone’s safety we will be reviewing the Griffin Survivor All-Terrain Case. Griffin first opened it’s doors in 1992 and since then it has been producing cases that provide premium protection that is unmatched in all kind of situations. The Griffin Survivor All-Terrain turns your delicate iPhone into a rock that can stand tall through anything.

The Griffin Survivor All-Terrain Case is designed to last a natural disaster if you ask me. It is designed and tested to withstand a 10 foot drop onto concrete as it is military grade drop-tested and meets and exceeds standards of withstanding power against dust, rain, impacts, drops on to the surfaces, and a host of other environmental factors. The sealed ports really help in keeping out dust and water. The case has a built-in anti scratch screen protector. The frame is made of polycarbonate which is streamlined with tough silicone making your phone shock-proof and almost unbreakable. The Survivor case also has a detachable clip which can rotate to lock with your belt or either the bag strap making it convenient for you to travel anywhere. The case also comes with a Griffin one year warranty incase the case does not meet the standards of the company.

The case is the God of protection when we talk about iPhone covers but when it comes to style the phone is severely lacking. There is no design on the case and nothing about it can make it look stylish. The case gives the phone a bulky look and the case is not pocket friendly. The case adds weight to the phone, the phone does not feel like the iPhone X but rather an older phone due to the bulk and weight it adds on. The case does not support Qi wireless charging.

The case is only available in black.

Silicone, polycarbonate and PET.

The Survivor case is available for $49.99 USD

Our Verdict
If you’re a traveler or an adventurous person who does not know where life will take you then this cover is for you as it prepares your phone for any kind of situation and is probably the best iPhone X protector that money can buy.