iPhone XS Max Case Ultra Hybrid by Spigen Review

There are two kinds of phones—there are iPhones and then there are other phones. Ever since its inception, iPhone has changed the way we look at mobile phones and how we use it. iPhones are so powerful that people are making movies on it as well as competing in international photography competitions. Anyone who wants to be an instant millionaire consider designing an app and/or producing protective cases for the iPhones.

Spigen’s Max Case Ultra Hybrid is one of the best iPhone X series cases in the market. Unlike other phone cases that hide the logos of the phones. Max Case Ultra Hybrid, on the other hand, is made up of transparent plastic. It is strong enough to protect the expensive $1200 iPhone from all physical damages. Therefore, Max Case Ultra Hybrid does not hide either hide the Apple logo or its metallic body. In reality, the transparent Max Case Ultra Hybrid encases iPhone XS fully and displays its beauty through transparency.


Spigen’s Max Case Ultra Hybrid is available in three unique colours.
• Crystal Clear
• Black
• Pink
Normally, companies charge different prices for different colours based on their popularity. Spigen’s Max Case Ultra Hybrid cases are set at the same prices thus catering users of all backgrounds.


Spigen’s Max Case Ultra Hybrid is not only sleek in its appearance but also protects iPhone X series phones in its entirety. Even if a phone slips through the fingers, Spigen’s unique technology that is used in creating this case allows the Max Case Ultra Hybrid to absorb the shock no matter how hard the fall is. Black and Pink coloured cases offer the same shock-absorbing security and therefore, all cases protect the $1200 investment.


At $29, I want to see some unique features, but it offers none. Actually. Spigen’s Max Case does not bring anything to the table. People who’d buy Spigen’s Max Case Ultra Hybrid has to bear the fact that the case offers nothing unique to the buyer and consequently, the Case will not look unique in any way. As a matter of fact, iPhone X series uses will not see the cover unless they buy pink or black cases. The case offers no extra pocket to place a credit card or cash.

If a case does not complement my phone, I will not buy an ugly case. All in all, Spigen’s Max Case Ultra Hybrid case is quite perfect in every way. It is thin enough not to be noticed by people and strong enough to absorb all shocks to the hardware if the phone slips through the fingers. The Crystal Clear case will not hide the Apple logo.
iPhone users who love showing off their phone will do so quite confidently. If I have to buy any case for my iPhone XS, yes, I would definitely spend $29 to purchase Spigen’s Max Case Ultra Hybrid to show off my iPhone XS to everyone. It would be the best $29 purchase to protect my $1200 expensive iPhone XS.