ZEROLEMON Battery Case 5000mAh for iPhone XS Max Review

The iPhone XS Max, the iPhone XS, the iPhone XR all came out with impressive battery sizes this year. Each boasting an upgrade from the iPhone X. However, the iPhone XS Max has a capacity battery of 3,174mAh which is the largest battery size any Apple iPhone has ever had.

According to the website Tom’s Guide who conducted a battery life test of the entire flagship phone collection of 2018 declared that the iPhone XS Max lasted an impressive 10 hours and 38 minutes on a single charge. This was above the average of 9 hours 48 minutes.

Even though this is sufficient battery life some users still end up finishing their battery before the day ends. These people have to endure carrying chargers and phone-banks wherever they go. An alternate to that would be to buy the ZEROLEMON iPhone XS Max Battery Case. This case is the essential we all needed but didn’t have.


The powerful 5000mAh Li-polymer extra battery on the back can effectively provide extra battery life to your iPhone XS Max which can make you use your phone for 24 hours without needing to connect your phone to a charger. LEMONZERO claims that its extended battery will give you an added 15 hours’ video playback or 65 hours’ audio playback or 25 hours’ talk time or 13 hours’ Internet use.

LEMONZERO durable connector is a hundred percent compatible with the iOS 12, Apple Pay and all future iOS updates. ZEROLEMON Ultra Slim Protection keeps your phone safe from daily wear and tears and scratches and it still doesn’t bulk up your phone and keeps it skinny jean friendly.
ZEROLEMON is equipped with 4 LED indicators which will tell you the battery status and charging status and it is also equipped with a power button which lets you decide when to charge and when not to.

There are very few cons we can find in this phone case however there is a downside to having a built in charger phone case and that down downside is that the charger is heavy. It adds significant weight to your phone which a lot of people will not appreciate. The other downside to this phone cover is that it tends to overheat your phone.
If you have your phone in your pocket and it starts to heat up do not be surprised as this is one of the cons of having an all in one phone case.

This phone cover is available in black only.

The ZEROLEMON Battery Case for the iPhone XS Max can be available at a price of $39.99

Our Verdict
If your battery consumption is more than the average user or even if you are lazy when it comes to charging your phone then this cover is for you. At $39.99 this phone cover fits the bill. Giving you protection, sleek style and also charging your phone on the go.